Monday, August 10, 2009

Tips On Getting An Air Travel Discount

When it comes to air travel you have likely tried to find the cheapest fare possible but after searching for a while you likely feel that there is no way to find an air travel discount. Although there are some ways that you can get the best air travel discount while still enjoying your vacation. So when you are booking your next flight consider using one of these ideas.

The Advantage Of Overbooking

These days everyone wants an air travel discount so you will likely find that the flight with the lowest fare is overbooked. Although you don’t have to get frustrated from this event, rather you can use it to get either a discount or a free flight. Call the airline the day before and find if your flight is overbooked. If it is then make sure you arrive ninety minutes early so you can be first in line. The airline will generally ask for volunteers to be bumped from the flight, you can then offer to bumped but after negotiating for an air travel discount.

You don’t need to know the specifics, but if you mention rule number 240 the airline workers will know what you are referring to. This rule states that the next available flight is available for you whether it is through the same airline or not. How long you have to remain in the airport will determine how many vouchers and freebies they provide you with. A two hour delay in flight will gain you a meal voucher at the least, but likely some type of air travel discount.

Using Special Offers

Before making a flight reservation always check the special offers page of your airlines website, each airline has one. Make sure you check these pages regularly since there is always some type of air travel discount available this way. Be sure you bookmark these pages and watch them carefully, the options for an air travel discount on these pages will likely be better than anything else you can find on the internet. Although even if you find an excellent deal always remember to read the fine print and look for any hidden charges or restrictions. If you find the air travel discount is right for you then be sure to act quickly before the deal is gone.

Look For Another Airport

Never feel you have to have a fixed airport when traveling. The best way to get an air travel discount is to consider flying into another airport near your destination. Often times just changing your airport can have a big effect on the price you are going to pay for your airfare. You may have to drive a couple more hours, but it is well worth it if you save a lot of money. Never pay more money if you don’t have too unless it is required that you fly straight into an airport for an important meeting date.